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ST PAUL, Minnesota

About Us


Winter 2020/21

St. Matthew Court is 671 members strong!

Under the guidance of the officers of St. Matthew Court, we provide opportunities for community outreach and social events for our members. In addition we have volunteered with the Church of St. Matthew community to raise money for their causes. Our courts’ volunteers have also worked to support individuals stricken with serious illness;  the money being used to help pay their medical expenses: In both cases the COF Matching Funds program has been used to achieve our fundraising goals. 

We take our role as caretakers of COF and court resources seriously as we consider creative ways to engage our adult and youth members for their benefit and that of the community in which we serve.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please send us a note -  non-members are always welcome to participate. Please visit our News page or Event Calendar to learn about court activities. (Updates are done as needed or on a quarterly basis.)   

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Our Values

We bring Catholic values to life by supporting our Catholic community financially, and offering opportunities for spiritual, social and charitable growth.
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Court Officers

SUSAN L POPPLER - Recording Secretary
Get Involved Faith, Hope, Charity, Feeding God's Children