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Learn About Jurisdiction Conventions

Convention Dates and Locations

  • Illinois: April 6; Online
  • Indiana: April 27; Merrillville
  • Iowa: March 2 & 3; Dubuque
  • Kentucky: March 23; Park Hills
  • Michigan: March 1 & 2; Frankenmuth
  • Minnesota: March 15 & 16; Willmar
  • Nebraska: April 13; Norfolk
  • New England: April 12 & 13; Portland, Maine
  • North Dakota: April 20; Hankinson
  • Ohio: April 27 & 28; Columbus
  • South Dakota: March 8 & 9; Webster
  • Wisconsin: April 19 & 20 Green Bay


Jurisdiction Conventions

Jurisdiction Conventions are held quadrennially (every four years) and may convene at any time as determined by the High Court and announce the Call of the National Convention. Jurisdiction Conventions may be held in person or by an electronic (online) meeting.

The purpose of holding a Jurisdiction Convention is to elect new Jurisdiction officers, elect delegates and alternates to the National Convention, and to meet and discuss petitions and resolutions to the High Court and National Convention that it believes necessary for the Order’s advancement and best interests.

Electing Delegates to Jurisdiction Conventions

According to Section 66 of Catholic Order of Foresters’ (COF) Constitution and Bylaws, 2024 Jurisdiction Convention delegates and alternates will be elected from the COF membership at a Local Court’s regular meeting. Details about the Jurisdiction Convention dates and how to access Local Court meeting information were published in Catholic Forester magazine, directing members to visit the website. Online, each eligible Local Court’s meeting date, time, and location was posted. The High Court has specified the Local Court meetings must be held in October, November, December 2023, or January 2024.

Local Court members elected as delegates and alternates in 2023 must continue to be a regular member in good standing with their Local Court in the Jurisdiction Convention year (2024). A regular adult member in good standing is defined as an individual who is 18 years old, a Catholic in union with Rome, and carries a current Catholic Order of Foresters insurance policy or annuity certificate.

To meet guidelines of the Constitution and Bylaws, the High Court specified the Jurisdiction Conventions to be held during March, April, or May 2024. According to Section 67, Jurisdiction Conventions may be held in a city designated by the preceding Jurisdiction Convention or by the Jurisdiction Court Officers.

The Jurisdiction Convention membership includes:

  • the Jurisdiction Spiritual Director,
  • elected Jurisdiction Court Officers and Trustees,
  • Delegates or alternates serving as delegates elected by the Local Courts,
  • Delegates selected from the State Holding Court within the Jurisdiction Court, and
  • current Jurisdiction High Court members


Jurisdiction Convention Delegates

For representation at Jurisdiction Conventions, only adult members with a Catholic Order of Foresters insurance policy or annuity certificate and are in good standing may be considered when determining the number of delegates and alternates to send from the Local Court to the Jurisdiction Convention.

Before being admitted to a Jurisdiction Convention, elected delegates must present documentation required by the High Court and their Local Court must be in good standing. This means the court has filed the required High Court documents and fulfilled all other requirements prior to September 30, 2023. This does not apply to the membership of a newly organized court or State Holding Courts.

Local Courts with fewer than 20 adult members are not entitled to any representation at the Jurisdiction Convention.

Each Local Court within the Jurisdiction having an adult membership numbering:

  • 20 to 150 will elect 1 delegate and one 1 alternate delegate.
  • 151 to 300 will elect 2 delegate and one 2 alternate delegate.
  • 301 to 550 will elect 3 delegate and one 3 alternate delegate.
  • 551 to 800 will elect 4 delegate and one 4 alternate delegate.
  • 801 or more will elect 5 delegate and one 5 alternate delegate.


Each State Holding Court is entitled to the same number of delegates to the Jurisdiction Convention as the Local Courts based on the number of members assigned to each State Holding Court.

None of the following may serve as Officer or Trustee of a Local Court, Jurisdiction Court, or High Court, or be appointed as a delegate or alternate to a Jurisdiction Convention or the National Convention:

  • Any registered representative or financial advisor,
  • Any licensed insurance agent, or
  • Any broker.
  • Full- or part-time COF employee.


Jurisdiction Convention Officers

The Jurisdiction Convention Officers include:

  • the Jurisdiction Spiritual Director,
  • Jurisdiction Chief Ranger,
  • Jurisdiction Vice Chief Ranger,
  • Jurisdiction Secretary,
  • Jurisdiction Treasurer, or
  • Jurisdiction Secretary-Treasurer, and
  • Jurisdiction Trustees.


The Jurisdiction Officers’ term of office begins January 1 following the Jurisdiction Convention and continues until their elected successors are duly elected and qualified at the next Jurisdiction Convention. Any regular member in good standing is eligible for any elected Jurisdiction office or National Convention delegate or alternate position.

All current Jurisdiction Convention Officers, elected delegates, and High Court members of the Jurisdiction in good standing are entitled to attend. All members belonging to the Jurisdiction who are in good standing are entitled to admission to their Jurisdiction Convention sessions but do not have a voice and cannot vote.

The individual in the Jurisdiction Secretary position will forward to the High Court all the required documentation within 30 days following the Jurisdiction Convention.

Electing Delegates and Alternates to National Convention

Using September 30, 2023, as a deadline, the High Secretary will determine the number of adult members in a Jurisdiction.

Each Jurisdiction Court with an adult membership numbering 500 will elect 1 delegate and one 1 alternate delegate to the National Convention. An additional delegate and alternate will be elected for each additional 500 insured adult members or for a fraction of adult members in the Jurisdiction, as long as that Jurisdiction is entitled to at least one delegate. If there are fewer than 500 adult members for a Jurisdiction, the Jurisdiction is not entitled to elect any National Convention delegates or alternates.

The National Convention delegates and alternates will hold their respective terms of office for 4 years, beginning August 1, 2024, and continuing until their successors are duly elected and qualified. They must have the same qualifications as Jurisdiction Convention delegates and alternates.



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