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National Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Today is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day! Below are a few ways you can participate:

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. In a technology driven world, it is more important now than ever to make time for the people you love. Give your grandparents or your aunt who moved to another state a call. While you might not be able to see each other face-to-face, it can be refreshing to hear their voices.

Visit a nursing home. Bring balloons or cards to your local nursing home and give them to residents. You might be surprised how many residents say you’re their only visitor.

Send a card or a letter. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving something fun and unexpected in the mail? Make someone’s day by sending a “Thinking of You” card or write a letter to someone you care about. At the end of your letter, challenge them to pay it forward by writing a kind letter to someone else they know. You could take this opportunity to send letters and prayer cards to homebound parishioners, too. Let them know you are praying for and thinking about them.

Use social media. While a lot of people focus on the negatives of social media, it can be used in a positive way. Start a “compliment challenge” where you encourage your friends to post a positive comment and you reply to them with a compliment.

Did these simple ideas inspire you to participate in National Cheer Up the Lonely Day? Send us a picture of how you participated! If you need help organizing your plan or coming up with other ideas for service projects, please visit or contact the Fraternal Outreach Team.

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