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A Servant's Heart

Faces of Fraternalism: Anna Weigel

Anna Weigel, St. Patrick 856, takes the meaning of “servant’s heart” to a whole new level, as the list of volunteer and outreach activities she is involved in is a long one. She gives nearly everything she has back to her community, even donating her blood at American Red Cross blood drives and giving old milk carton tops to local schools so they can trade them in and buy a book for every student to promote literacy at a young age. To make a great thing even better, neither she nor the organizations she volunteers for discriminate against anyone who needs help. They host events for people of all ages, all walks of life, all abilities and even all religions.

If there is a need, Anna is eager to fill it. She has volunteered for everything from Catholic Order of Foresters Matching Funds and Feeding God’s Children events to dinners and breakfasts that fundraise for worthy causes. She helps clean houses for people who are unable to do so themselves and if someone needs to go to the hospital but is unable to go alone, she takes them. Within her parish she helps with hospitality and serves as a Eucharistic Minister at Mass.

Anna also enjoys volunteering at Second Helpings every Monday night to feed those who are handicapped, mentally challenged, physically disabled, elderly or young—all are welcome! It’s a small town, but Anna says they serve anywhere from 110-115 people each night, depending on the weather. “You wouldn’t think you would draw that many, but you do!”, Anna remarks.

A meal at Second Helpings does more than just feed the empty stomachs, though. It feeds one of the most essential human needs and desires: companionship. Anna says, “If you’re lonely, you have somebody to eat with.” That’s Anna’s favorite part about outreach activities: “Being able to make someone happy and put a smile on their face.” It’s a simple thing, but those personal touches and relationships make a difference. She wants to be even more involved in her community when she retires, saying that she would like to do more for a program that takes monetary donations for people who don’t have enough money to buy groceries. It is a truly remarkable thought to imagine Anna doing even more for her community than she already is, but her fraternal spirit makes it possible.

Article by Alison Mink.

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