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Bringing Catholic Values to Life

Be the Best Coordinator You Can Be

It might sound cliche, but we want you to be the best!

1.  Register your event here
2.  Promote your event with announcements at your church and on social media! Use #10YearsOfService and #AnswerTheCall
3.  Communicate with your volunteers. Confirm the venue, date, location and time.

1.  Ask your volunteers to sign in. Send a copy to the Fraternal Outreach Team and save one for yourself.
2.  Monitor the satisfaction of your volunteers. Happy volunteers make an event more fun! Do they need help with anything? Let them know you appreciate them!
3.  Consider providing light refreshments.
4.  Take pictures and video, and send them to the Fraternal Outreach Team! 

1.  Complete the post-event     
2.  Ask your volunteers: What other organizations would they like to help? Did they enjoy the event?
3.  Thank your volunteers. 
     Service hour certificates are available here. If students volunteered at your event, consider awarding them with service hours!
4.  Evaluate your event. What worked? What can you do differently next time?

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