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Feeding God's Children: Myth vs. Fact

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While Feeding God’s Children (FGC) has been around for a while, there are still a lot of things you may find confusing. We want to make sure you know the truth about FGC, so keep reading!

Myth: You can only host one FGC event per year.

Fact: You can host as many FGC events as you want every year!

You can host an event multiple times in a month, if you would like! FGC is not limited to one event, or day, a year. The need for help in your community never ends.

Myth: You can only host an FGC event in May.

Fact: You can host an FGC event anytime during the year.

In the past, it was encouraged to host an FGC event in May, focusing on Join Hands Day. The need of our brothers and sisters in Christ has grown, and so has FGC! This means, you aren’t limited to one day in May. If you want to hold a collection for Thanksgiving meal items, host an FGC event in early November. Or, if you want to collect school supplies, host a drive in early August.

Myth: Your event must be food related.

Fact: There are many ways to “feed” people.

While canned food drives are impactful, think outside the box! Wherever there is a need, create an event to meet it. An event could be anything that meets a need in your community. Is there a crisis pregnancy shelter in town? Is there a school in need of books? Are there several nursing homes with residents in need of some company?  Host an event, such as creating blankets, collecting books or visiting seniors, to support those people!

Myth: You need FGC T-shirts to host an FGC event.

Fact: You can host an FGC event without T-shirts.

We just like to provide you with free T-shirts! The shirts also create awareness in the community and the bright colors attract attention.  

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