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Fraternal Outreach Team

We're here to bring your events to life and support you along the way.

Katlyn Gerken

Katlyn Gerken | Editor and Fraternal Outreach Manager
Katlyn joined COF in 2014. Her second day on the job took her to St. Mary 1173 in South Dakota, where she attended her first Feeding God's Children event! As editor, Katlyn oversees the production of the magazine, photography and videography and manages COF's social media accounts. As fraternal outreach manager, Katlyn travels, assists the coordinators and plans workshops and outreach events.

Contact Katlyn at 630-983-3746 or

Audrey Kopecky Head Shot 2017

Audrey Thomas | Fraternal Outreach Coordinator - East Region
Audrey joined our team in August 2017! She studied Marketing at North Central in Naperville, Illinois, and attended many meaningful mission trips. In her time at COF, she has co-led one trip and is planning two more. She travels the eastern half of the country working with members to bring their outreach ideas to life through Fraternal Outreach Workshops, Feeding God's Children events, and magazine and social media content. "One of the best parts of my job is meeting with people to plan a Feeding God's Children event and see it come to life." 

Contact Audrey at 630-527-4996 or

Judy James

Judy James | Assistant Vice President, Fraternal
Judy is a veteran leader, as she has been with COF for more than 30 years! She is an expert in all things fraternal, including eForms and Matching Funds events. She has traveled all over the country for events and attended numerous National Conventions.

Contact Judy at 630-983-4937 or

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