Bringing Catholic Values to Life


Below you'll find resources for your event, from planning to publicizing!


Event Ideas: generate unique events or choose from this list.
Event Timeline: use this to keep your event on track
Church Bulletin Announcement: tell your church community about your event and invite them to participate.
Adult Member Invitation: send this to adults to ask them to volunteer.
Youth Invitation: send this to students or children; there is a T-shirt size option and media waiver included. 
Event Information Poster (Highlights): post this at your church, school, or other places to share the who, when and where of your event.
Event Information Poster (Details): use this to share event details.
Donation/Collection Sign: label boxes that you'll use to collect items.
Volunteer Sign-in Sheet: ask your volunteers to sign in so you can record who attended your event and send them thank you notes.


Church Bulletin Message: tell your church community how successful your event was.
Service Hours Certificate (one hour): reward students who volunteered at your event.
Service Hours Certificate (multiple hours): reward students who volunteered at your event.

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